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At Richmond Hill Osteopathy we work naturally to help you see the back of pain.


Osteopathy is a system of medicine which relieves pain and promotes health using a combination of hands on and exercise therapies to achieve a balance of structure and function in the body. The treatment approach is specific to the patient’s individual complaint and addresses both the immediate issue and the underlying causes. If you can't reach us Natural Moves is centre of excelnce for osteopathy is Notting Hill

Sports therapy

Sports therapy aims to help you perform at your best and get you back to performing when injury strikes.  A combination of functional biomechanics and performance advice help you achieve your goals, no matter how modest or ambitious.

Medical acupuncture

Medical acupuncture, also called dry needling, takes techniques thousands of years old and updates them using modern anatomical and medical knowledge.  It can be highly effective in treating many forms of back and joint pain as well as relieving muscle tightness and headaches.