After damaging my shoulder eight weeks out from the European Touch Championships I went to see Justin.  He quickly worked out what had happened and put in place a plan.  After a few sessions including acupuncture I was back in action within 3 weeks and ended up winning a gold medal.

Russell Gould, England Touch Rugby player

I visited Justin a year after having 2 major neck operations which took months to recover from and I was left with severe swallowing difficulties plus stiffness and pain between my shoulders which physiotherapy hadn’t helped.

After 2 appointments and 2 strange manipulations at the front of my neck, my ability to swallow returned;  I no longer choke on my food and am able to eat fruit which I previously could not do.

Justin explains pain and treatment patiently and thoroughly with the help of pictures and diagrams and explains and demonstrates exercises.  He also uses acupuncture to great effect.

I would highly recommend him; after many months of trying to deal with pain, Justin’s treatments worked.

Gaye Wallis, 57

“I came to Justin for help with pain in my neck and shoulder. After the first few sessions there was a real improvement. The pain was less frequent, and less severe. I am confident that a complete recovery is possible.”

Steve, 31. Triathlete

  • I thought he was brilliant. He managed to find the areas that needed some work on and managed to unknot them.
  • Very friendly and informative.
  • Really enjoyed Justin’s knowledge – especially about injury related to sport.  He was patient and listened to me about the areas I would like to focus on and then set me straight!  Already looking forward to the next visit.
  • Thought it was a first rate service as always. Felt great after it